Seed to Shelf

Our partner and flagship brand, Tri-Star Medical, follows a unique and particular growing method to ensure quality and consistency. In a rapidly growing and ever-evolving industry, their chain of custody management and proprietary formulations are second to none. Check out Tri-Star Medical’s process below and see why we stand behind their methodology:


It all starts with our farms in rural Tennessee where our master growers cultivate high-potency hemp strains, free from pesticides and contaminants. We derive exceptional hemp flower for our extraction process from sustainable practices and horticulture expertise, not by using pesticides or GMOs. It’s our core belief that healthy plants grown naturally produce the most beneficial compounds for health and wellness.  Our plants and dedication to sustainability are the foundation of our entire process.


Once we have a premium harvest, it goes to the lab for testing and extraction. Our lab technicians have PhDs in organic chemistry and take extra special care to preserve beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes during the extraction process. The end products range from CBD isolates with 0% Delta-9 THC to full-spectrum blends including as much of the original plant compounds as possible.


Tri-Star product formulations are crafted by our renowned chef, Jay Mitchell, who has been recognized locally and nationally on Travel Channel’s Food Paradise. Our formulations highlight the natural taste and aroma of our hemp flower, instead of using oils or flavoring. Vegan, all-natural ingredients are infused with our extracts and proprietary terpene blends to create products that are both delicious and healthy.