Premium Full-Spectrum CBD Cookie 100mg


Premium Full-Spectrum CBD Cookie 100mg.  Tri-Star Medical.  Less than 0.3% THC.  Grown local and sustainable.  Independently lab tested for purity and quality.

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Premium Full-Spectrum CBD Cookie – 100mg.  Our cookies are chewy, delicious and packed with 100mg of our Full-Spectrum hemp extract.  It’s great to share or split up for multiple tasty doses of CBD.  We recommend trying a bite and waiting at least an hour, preferably two before ingesting more.  CBD taken orally can take time to set in and you should always start with a low dose and work your way up.


We grow our own hemp in middle Tennessee and partner with like-minded farms for unique and exceptional flower strains.  Our focus is to provide the highest quality flower available, in as pure a form as possible.  In addition to quality, we reduce our impact on the environment by sourcing close to home and only with farms that follow sustainable practices.  All Tri-Star strains are grown in or close to middle Tennessee on sustainable farms and are free from pesticides.


We rigorously test our hemp products for quality from the time of harvest until we finally seal the packaging.  In addition to basic testing and approval from the TN Department of Agriculture, we independently test each batch of hemp flower for purity and a detailed report of constituents.  Lab reports on all products are available by request.

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