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Our Top-Shelf Cannabis Delta 9 Wax blends a full-spectrum THC extract blend comprised of top-shelf indoor flower, strain-specific terpenes, and our THCa/Delta-9 THC blend. Hemp-Derived exclusively from a top-shelf indoor flower.

This product is <0.3% THC by Weight, following all state and federal laws. Keep out of reach of children.

Top-Shelf THCa & Delta-9 Cannabis Wax, by Craft Cannabis™ Premium Top-Shelf Cannabis Wax. A blend of full-spectrum legal THC extract from top-shelf indoor flower, strain-specific terpenes, and our THCa/Delta-9 THC blend. Hemp-derived blends exclusively from the top-shelf indoor flower grown locally in Nashville, TN.

The Holistic Connection collaboration with Craft Cannabis™ is to handcraft premium quality products with CBD and legal THC cannabis. You can know and trust that you are getting the highest quality premium Craft Cannabis™ grown in Nashville, TN, from seed to shelf. We choose the best quality strains of cannabis hemp flower to create each product with the customer in mind. While following all state and federal laws, our Premium Delta-9 Top-Shelf Cannabis Wax and all Craft Cannabis™ are the best on the market.

This THCa/Delta-9 THC wax is best using a dab/wax rig or Lookah Seahorse Pro extract pen. Cannabis wax is a type of concentrated cannabis oil that is soft, opaque, and made from the extracted oils of a marijuana hemp plant. For this reason, using a rig or pen is the best way to enjoy and have the best experience. Buy our cannabis concentrates online and pick up in-store at one of our locations. Please keep away from children.

With that said, we want you to have the best experience with our premium top-shelf strains of wax! Please leave a review next time you check in. We would love to hear about your experience.

Additional information

Extract Strain

Blue Dream, Blueberry, Cherry Pie, Cookies, OG Kush, Runtz, Sour Diesel, Zkittlez, Wedding Cake


Premium Full Spectrum Extract, Terpenes

Net Weight

1 gram

9 reviews for Top-Shelf Cannabis Wax – Craft Cannabis™

  1. Kyle U

    Didn’t know what to expect I just came from place where rec is legal. Man I can say I’m pleasantly surprised, good way to take edge off. Would definitely recommend if your needing something legal to take edge off. Got the blue dream and loving it

  2. Jacob

    Great smoke, great flavor, great effect. Their latest strain is Wedding Cake – won’t let ya down. I love being able to access sativas, indicas, or hybrids in concentrate form. It helps me tailor my cannabis experience a little more accordingly.

  3. Sanae Chestnut

    My fav is wedding cake

  4. Tony

    I took some dabs at the Belle Meade store during comedy night, and had such a good time that I had to buy some when I got home!

  5. emmeamsbury

    Amazing wax I love the staff Arron is one of our favorites

  6. William Hill

    Yo I love getting wax and chilling with Aaron

  7. Jake

    Love the dabs at THC! Slap much harder than one might expect. Pairs nicely with a mocktail!!

  8. Aaron Hardy

    Very VERY strong concentrate! It blows my mind at the quality of this product. One serving is all you need!

  9. Cheech

    Incredible stuff if you’re looking for a good time

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