The Holistic Connection is the premier cannabis dispensary with high-quality recreational hemp-derived cannabis in Tennessee, including 8 locations surrounding Greater Nashville and beyond. With over a decade of combined experience as a licensed cannabis grower in California and Tennessee, we are veterans in producing the highest quality hemp flower and cannabis-derived products on the market. Visit one of our locations to experience the difference for yourself!

Your Experience Matters

The Holistic Connection isn’t just a place where you can purchase the best legal cannabis products in Tennessee. We’ve built our stores to be a place where you can enjoy yourself, sample products and literally, blow off some stress.

We offer a one-of-a-kind experience to build an experience around helping people find alternative solutions to obtain better health. Live a fuller and more relaxed life with CBD and hemp-derived products. Join us by visiting one of our locations and experiencing the Holistic Connection for yourself. Our people are passionate about cannabis products. They enjoy helping others and are thrilled to answer your questions about the different strains of cannabis and our hemp-derived products. Let our budtenders provide direction in the search for your best life.

Our Experience Matters

Tennessee is an unregulated cannabis market. Hemp flower and CBD products in Tennessee have no purity standards and labeling requirements for the stores or facilities that make the products. That is what makes The Holistic Connection different from your other vendors in the State of Tennessee. We set another tone for the legal THC and recreational hemp-derived products that contain CBD.

Since it’s also a new market, there are a lot of companies jumping into the business with no prior experience, and the public is uneducated about purity, potency, and how it influences your health. With over a decade of experience as licensed cannabis growers, we are veterans at producing the best quality cannabis available. With 7 of those years as a licensed medical marijuana grower in the highly competitive and regulated California marketplace, we learned how to adhere to strict standards in purity and labeling.

In Tennessee, we follow the same stringent regulatory provisions set out by the Medical and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (“MAUCRSA”) that are in place in California. We test all our hemp flower and recreational hemp-derived products at a 3rd party lab at every critical stage of processing for purity and potency and put these COAs (Certificate of Analysis) online.

Quality Matters

Scientific research is mounting.  The stigma is dissolving.  Cannabis is a natural healer.

Our cannabis flower, recreational hemp-derived edibles, and CBD products are all derived from the highest quality craft cannabis flower and have more of the compounds that influence your health and quality of life. Locally grown and processed in our production facilities. Lab-tested to produce the highest quality products. With the Holistic Connection, you are getting top quality, organic, pesticide-free CBD & legal THC products.

CBD, Legal THC, and other cannabinoids that have non-active compounds such as terpenoids are now well known. The cannabinoids influence our immune system and our total health by immunosuppression. There are claims it can reduce inflammation, stress, and a host of other ailments (Some recent studies: Immune Responses Regulated by Cannabidiol  |  The Anti-Inflammatory Properties of Terpenoids from Cannabis).

If these are the constituents that influence your health, wouldn’t you choose cannabis that has more of them? Our experienced cultivators grow cannabis flowers packed with higher than average cannabinoids and terpenes. The use of cutting-edge technology in the cannabis industry, as well as an obsession with squeezing every little extra we can out. With our full cannabis facilities, to the production operation, we have grown to a whole new level of CBD technology and creating the highest quality of hemp-derived products on the market.

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Seed to Shelf

The team at Holistic Connection has created a vertically integrated cannabis operation that produces many different hemp strains. From the time we grow seedlings on our local farms or in one of our growing facilities in Middle Tennessee to the moment our products arrive on the shelf, we are there every step of the way. Our hemp, such as Delta 8, 9 & 10 Flower, is specially formulated, lab-tested, and packaged on the shelf with care from our experts and budtenders. We cultivate, locally in Tennessee, with pride and transparency and are confident about what ingredients are in our products – we can tell you because we are the experts!

Cannabis Dispensary Locations

Each dispensary location has its personality and charm, as well as experts to help find you the perfect strain. Each location provides CBD and Hemp-derived flower and recreational products, and legal THC. In-store and On-line you can purchase edibles, extract, oils, tinctures, gummies and more. No matter what location you choose, be sure to know that our budtenders can help you find the right recreational CBD and hemp-derived cannabis products perfect for your needs. Check out the dab bar, go to a fun event or even check out in-store sales. Be sure to sign up for our Newsletter to get the news, deals, and events first.