About Us

The Holistic Connection was founded by husband and wife, Jake and Kate Ducey, to deliver alternative wellness solutions to their community and beyond. They created The Holistic Connection in partnership with friend and fellow University of Tennessee classmate Mike Solomon, owner of leading Middle Tennessee hemp company Tri-Star Medical. The trio met while attending the University of Tennessee and bonded over similar interests in holistic health, which led them to where they are today.

As The Holistic Connection’s flagship brand, Tri-Star Medical’s dedication to sustainable hemp farming, passionate pursuit of wellness and desire to provide pure and simple hemp-derived products are at the core of our company.

Kate and Jake Ducey, Owners

Kate traces her intense curiosity for exploring the holistic healthcare realm all the way back to childhood. Growing up plagued with eczema and food allergies, she found healing through a plant-based diet. She swapped painting for gardening as a creative outlet, which further developed her passion for plants and nature. 

To this day, Kate is inspired by the work of her parents. Her father is an accomplished biochemist who pioneered methods to help patients during the AIDS epidemic and her mother enjoys gardening and cloning plants. As a product of her upbringing, Kate found common ground between the two and decided to combine the healing properties of nature with a mission to help people suffering from modern illness. With the opioid crisis and clinical depression at an all-time high, Kate feels a responsibility to share holistic medicine with the world.

Kate graduated from the University of Tennessee in 2006 and has since gained a strong background in sales. After discovering the medicinal benefits of CBD, Kate became a licensed grower and began her journey to opening The Holistic Connection. Kate is excited to enter the alternative healthcare business and help people experience holistic wellness every day.

In 2004, after earning a Bachelor of Arts in economics from the University of Tennessee, Jake began a successful career in sales and marketing. Right out of college, he spent two years working for a consumer goods company in Macau, China. His work abroad gave him invaluable experience in sales and communications. For the last five years, Jake has managed an annual book of business worth over $9 million with an industry-leading technology company. 

 After struggling with insomnia and anxiety, Jake turned to CBD and hemp extract products and has found tremendous relief from symptoms.  He is passionate about entrepreneurship and helping others, making his venture with The Holistic Connection a perfect fit.

 In 2007, Jake and Kate got married in Kate’s hometown of Shelbyville, Tennessee. They currently reside in Franklin with their son, Miles, and their dog, Jax.

Mike Solomon, Owner

Mike is an ambitious entrepreneur and Nashvillian. After graduating from the University of Tennessee, Mike embarked on a career in logistics and general contracting, which ultimately led him to California. While there, he served as the director of operations for an industry-leading logistics company and became a fully licensed and compliant medical cannabis grower. Mike moved back to Tennessee, where he has found entrepreneurial success starting multiple companies, including Tri-Star Medical, The Holistic Connection’s flagship brand. Mike has been a licensed hemp grower and extractor in Tennessee since 2017 and continues to enjoy learning new ways to help people through the powerful benefits of the hemp plant.


Our partner and flagship brand, Tri-Star Medical, follows a unique and particular growing method to ensure quality and consistency. In a rapidly growing and ever-evolving industry, their chain of custody management and proprietary formulations are second to none. Check out Tri-Star Medical’s process below and see why we stand behind their methodology:


It all starts with our farms in rural Tennessee where our master growers cultivate high-potency hemp strains, free from pesticides and contaminants. We derive exceptional hemp flower for our extraction process from sustainable practices and horticulture expertise, not by using pesticides or GMOs. It’s our core belief that healthy plants grown naturally produce the most beneficial compounds for health and wellness.  Our plants and dedication to sustainability are the foundation of our entire process.


Once we have a premium harvest, it goes to the lab for testing and extraction. Our lab technicians have PhDs in organic chemistry and take extra special care to preserve beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes during the extraction process. The end products range from CBD isolates with 0% Delta-9 THC to full-spectrum blends including as much of the original plant compounds as possible.


Tri-Star product formulations are crafted by our renowned chef, Jay Mitchell, who has been recognized locally and nationally on Travel Channel’s Food Paradise. Our formulations highlight the natural taste and aroma of our hemp flower, instead of using oils or flavoring. Vegan, all-natural ingredients are infused with our extracts and proprietary terpene blends to create products that are both delicious and healthy.

Our Why

Heal [heel] verb: to make healthy, whole, or sound; restore to health; free from ailment.

The Holistic Connection is committed to whole-plant medicine as an alternative approach to wellness.

We feel called to heal. To heal all things — earth, people and animals — through nature. We believe nature gives you what you need, and that philosophy is at the core of everything we do.

With the current opioid crisis and reports of clinical depression at an all-time high, we felt called to create a space for people to learn about natural remedies for modern illness. Let us be your holistic connection!