Delivery FAQs

Online Ordering and Delivery:
  • The Holistic Connection delivers 7 days a week to all residences within 10 miles of our distribution center in Nashville, TN.
  • Customers can place orders online at any time of the day.
  • Delivery orders can be taken between 11 am and 8 pm, and deliveries are made within 4 hours of placing the order, no later than 10pm.
  • All orders placed before 8pm get delivered that day, by 10pm.
  • Overnight and early morning orders start getting delivered at 11am and are guaranteed to arrive by 3pm.  
  • Sometimes orders get delivered even earlier than 11am but there are no guarantees.
Delivery Logistics:
  • The drop-off sequence is based on two factors: 1. the sequence that the orders are placed; 2. the location of the delivery in relation to other orders in the queue
  • Example: if your neighbor places an order at 6 am and is first in the queue, then you place an order at 9 am and are 6th in the queue, you will luck out and get your order delivered at the same time as your neighbor.
How to make things easier for the delivery driver:
  • When checking out online, please leave detailed instructions for the driver in the comments section if:
  • There’s a specific location to leave the package (i.e., mailbox, front porch, back door, etc.)
  • There’s a gate code of building entry code
  • You need to meet the driver outside of the building
  • The delivery is to an office, shop, bar, etc. – please name the location
Text communication:

The THC Texting Hotline number is: TBD

  • Text for updates on the status of your order
  • You will receive a text after your order is dropped off