In-Store Experience

Come sample products, enjoy our sunlit spaces and relax a little.

Bud & Dab Bar

All of The Holistic Connection locations have a flower and dab bar where you can try the best Tennessee cannabis has to offer. Our associates will walk you through our lineup of products and help you choose something that suits you.  We have an extensive selection of indoor flower, edibles, concentrated extracts, pre-rolls and specialty items such as moonrocks, which are flower dipped in extract and rolled in full-spectrum trichomes.


We offer an array of vaporizers to get the most out of our flower and concentrated extracts.  The molecules responsible for the taste and aroma of cannabis flower evaporate at different temperatures and some are more delicate than others.  Vaporizers heat at a lower temperature and also do not combust the organic matter like smoking does, which can destroy the more delicate compounds.  Thus you absorb more of the beneficial terpenes, less of the heavy smoke and you also taste the full spectrum and complexity of the flower.

Chill Spaces

Read a book, have a conversation or use our free wifi to get some work done.  Relax and take some time to recharge.  Enjoy our products.  Enjoy life. 

8th South
Cool Springs