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Located in Nashville, Tennessee, the Holistic Connection prioritizes quality and consistency. When producing CBD extracts, wax, and hemp products, quality is top priority for our technicians and growers. We source from organic, American hemp grown at indoor facilities and organic farms throughout Tennessee.

It starts with our cannabis farms in rural Tennessee, where our master growers cultivate high-potency hemp strains free from pesticides and contaminants. We derive exceptional hemp flowers from sustainable practices.

We are proud to have the highest quality and top-of-the-line grow facilities in Middle Tennessee. Our master growers and scientist have the highest credibility and plant expertise from seed to shelf. Furthermore, we never use pesticides, fillers, or GMOs in the extraction process. Our patented technology creates the highest quality CBD concentrates.

Craft Cannabis™ Legal THC wax is a blend of full-spectrum extract from top-shelf indoor flowers, strain-specific terpenes, and our THCa/Delta-9 THC blend. We also test all our wax & concentrate products through a third-party lab. The lab testing ensures that it does not contain preservatives, pesticides, or solvents.

Wax is the umbrella term for potent cannabidiol concentrates. Usually, you vape wax with a dab rig, also known as CBD dabs. Shop pure cannabis Craft Cannabis™ legal THC concentrates & extracts such as live resin, wax, oil, hash, and dabs from The Holistic Connection.

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