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Indulge in the robust potency of Full Spectrum Watermelon Rosin Gummies.

These delectable gummies are packed with 15mg of full-spectrum fresh-pressed rosin, ensuring a potent combination of cannabinoids and THC for an unforgettable and elevated experience. Discover the ultimate fusion of flavors and benefits in each bite.

Experience potent Watermelon Rosin Gummies with 15mg full-spectrum rosin.

Buy online for an irresistible THC and CBD blend. Enjoy savings with subscription options. Crafted near Nashville, TN, with the finest hemp strains, following legal regulations. Leave a review for an enhanced experience.

Our collaboration with Sticky Tomato & Craft Cannabis guarantees premium-quality Full-Spectrum Rosin and legal THC products. Locally grown near Nashville, TN, our Sticky Tomato range is carefully crafted from seed to shelf, promising trusted, exceptional quality. Watermelon Gummies offer subscription savings, with flexible delivery options. We meticulously choose the best cannabis hemp flower strains, prioritizing customer satisfaction.

Full-spectrum rosin is a type of cannabis extract that's made without using chemicals. Instead, it's created by applying heat and pressure to the cannabis plant. This helps bring out a variety of natural substances found in the plant, like cannabinoids (which affect how you feel) and terpenes (which give it its scent and taste). The cool thing about full-spectrum rosin is that it keeps lots of these natural compounds together, working as a team. Furthermore, Some people think this teamwork might make the effects better. But, keep in mind, the quality of full-spectrum rosin can vary, so it's smart to choose it from good sources you trust.

Rest easy knowing that Watermelon Gummies and Tristar Medical products strictly adhere to both state and federal laws, containing less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC by weight. We are dedicated to ensuring you have the best possible experience with our edibles, THC candies, and cannabis gummies like our Watermelon Rosin THC Gummies. Share your thoughts by leaving a review during your next visit – we're eager to hear about your experience.

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Serving Size

50 servings per container, 1 serving / 15MG <0.3% THC


Gelatin, Glucose, Sugar, Citric Acid, Natural Colors & Flavors, Hemp Extract, Full-Spectrum Rosin


50 count, 15mg Full-Spectrum Rosin/per gummy


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