2022 Tennessee Cannabis Laws

Tennessee Legislatures Bill to Ban Delta-8

A few short weeks ago, constituents and legislators alike came together on Capitol Hill in Nashville, TN.

Was it to discuss a bill to ban Delta-8? We know it was to discuss legislation prohibiting any hemp-based products. The legislation would prohibit all Delta-8 from being sold with THC contents above 0.3 percent. 

In 2018, Congress passed the Farm Bill outlining hemp products and what businesses could legally sell. The 2018 Farm Bill explicitly preserved FDA’s authority over hemp products. Therefore, hemp products must meet applicable FDA requirements and standards, just like any other FDA-regulated product.

Federally, regulations did pass in 2018, but Tennessee had only regulated Delta-9 THC. This year, 2022, Tennessee has adopted the term “total THC”, modifying the previous state restrictions. Because of this change, TN has become a “total THC” state, meaning it governs all naturally occurring forms of THC (i.e., Delta-9 and THCa).

Fortunately, at The Holistic Connection, we were already focusing on perfecting our Delta-9 THC products. Using entirely organic and locally grown cannabis to produce our extract. Under current legislation, these products are fully compliant with Tennessee state law.

However, with bill HB1927, the sale of delta-8 THC products could be limited to this same regulation. This regulation would be the same (<0.3% by weight) as Delta-9/THCa products. The reasoning behind this is primarily a safety concern, which we at The Holistic Connection share. Safe consumption is a vital step in the legalization of cannabis nationwide.

Because of this, The Holistic Connection makes customer safety and education the highest priority. We take careful measures to seal our products and serve strictly 21+ customers. Also, we include warnings to store carefully to prevent anyone from accidentally consuming these products.

So what does that mean for our Holistic Connection customers?

Luckily, our Craft Cannabis™ edible line will remain largely unchanged. We will still operate our store locations as dab bars. The main Delta-8 products we carry are vape cartridges and flower. These are already available, infused with other legal & hemp-derived forms of THC.

Additionally, several measures are being taken to ensure this is not a step backward for the cannabis industry in Tennessee. Organizations such as the Tennessee Grower’s Coalition, the Hemp Alliance of TN, and others serving hemp-derived products have joined hands and minds to put forward amendments ensuring the same consumption of legal THC.

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