The Holistic Connection: Nashville’s farm-to-table cannabis dab bar and dispensary experience.

The Holistic Connection is Nashville’s cannabis dab bar and dispensary experience. It has a cannabis tasting room and local THC flower shop. You can buy and try the highest quality legal THC alongside a tight-knit community across Tennessee. Serving Craft Cannabis™ products, the finest quality THC grown locally by expert cultivationists right here in Tennessee.

Nashville's Local Dab Bar

The Dab Bar: Like tasting wine at a vineyard, but with cannabis.

The Holistic Connection creates an extraordinary and unique experience. Our dab bar is where you can taste all the flower extracts in our high-end cannabis plants. It’s like going to a winery and having a wine tasting experience. These products are state and federally legal. We have high confidence in all our cannabis products, such as extracts, tinctures, edibles, roll-ups, and more.

The bud staff that knows the plant from birth.

The staff and budtenders have been with the flower and THC products since they started as seedlings. After all, THC serves Craft Cannabis guaranteeing the finest of quality by cultivating top-quality plants and producing everything locally in Nashville, TN. We carefully, precisely, and lovingly take each plant from seedling to harvest. Our cannabis connoisseurs make sure that all the products you receive are of the highest quality in strain, health, and taste.

Nashville Bud Tenders Dab Bar
All the legal THCs.

Most similar stores you go to only have Delta-8 products. But here at The Holistic Connection, we know how to formula the more regulated and difficult to grow Delta-9 and THC-A products that are a more potent and high-end plants.


The Holistic Connection has locations all over Tennessee including Nashville, Brentwood, Hermitage, Belle Meade, Smyrna, Cookeville, Clarksville, Murfreesboro with franchises opening up across the southeast.

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