Our team enjoyed a weekend of education and fun at the Southern Hemp Expo in Franklin, Tennessee, September 6-7! We joined Tri-Star Medical in educating the masses and learned a thing or two ourselves.

Here are our top 3 takeaways from the SHE:

1. High Tech Growing Equipment and Ingenuity

Farming is not just a watering can and gloves anymore — every aspect of the process has been reimagined to ensure the highest quality, highest volume and ‘cleanest’ yields. There’s now a drone that can be used to water plants and even provide additional nutrients to your crop. There’s also new technology that can filter and balance water systems to boost production and save you money.

2. Innovation and a Desire for Education

We learned about different lab companies, scientists, brokers and nonprofit organizations getting involved in the industry to get ahead of different laws and regulations associated with cannabis. We also learned about everything police officers and security guards are doing to educate themselves on hemp and the differences between hemp and marijuana.

3. Affirmed Interest in Hemp Flower

We know smoking hemp bud allows you to enjoy heightened benefits of CBD because of the presence of accompanying cannabinoids, but we didn’t realize just how many people similarly understood the benefits. We met people from Japan to London speaking about all aspects of the industry. Hearing all these different ideas and points of view from such a large group of like-minded people was truly enlightening.

As this industry continues to grow and expand, we will all benefit from the exchange of information and knowledge between business leaders, professionals, farmers, manufacturers, advocates and others striving to succeed in this market. We learned so much at the 2nd annual Southern Hemp Expo and we’re so excited to integrate this knowledge into our work and products, and of course to share it with all of you!

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