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Dogs & Cats, like humans, can take full advantage of the interaction between CBD and the endocannabinoid system.

Here is a bit about our process at Tri-Star & The Holistic Connection. In the first place, Our hemp flower goes from the farm to the lab. This cycle uses a pharmaceutical-grade approach to extract the full spectrum of cannabinoids. It starts with the pure oils from our hemp flower, and then our chemists build detailed profiles for each of our products. Their goal is to maximize the density of natural cannabinoids while providing a safe and consistent dosage. Once we have the final formulas, we infuse our CBD products, returning them to the lab for additional testing. Finally, we test and bottle our products with ultimate confidence that we know and trust what’s in them.

From Seed-to-Shelf, our grow facilities in Nashville, TN, curate the organic, all-natural, no pesticide formulas of CBD for animals. We go through a rigorous lab testing process to ensure your large dog or small cat is safe with taking our CBD Tinctures.

Grab CBD for Dogs & Cats from The Holistic Connection. With over 10 locations in and surrounding Middle Tennessee, you can shop in-store or online to find the highest quality for your pet.

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