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Full-Spectrum CBD Oils & tinctures come from every part of a cannabis hemp plant with multiple compounds, including Cannabinol and Tetrahydrocannabivarin. Our Tri-Star Premium Full-Spectrum begins with a base of organic MCT oil. We then infuse our full-spectrum CBD extract with our proprietary terpene blend, which imparts a unique and delicious flavor. We don’t use unnecessary artificial or “natural” flavorings. That’s it; we use premium base oil and the premium oils from our cannabis hemp!

The Holistic Connection is a genuine seed-to-shelf company. In fact, with the indoor operations in Nashville, Tn, we grow the best top-shelf cannabis strains. Specifically curating the cannabis strains, our growers create the primmest conditions for the flower’s environment. We can control light, humidity, Co2 levels, as well as other environmental factors. Furthermore, we have the highest standards in lab testing. Combining all these factors brings you the best and highest quality craft cannabis to Nashville and surrounding markets.

We are a passionate group of people dedicated to providing the best and safest products we possibly can. While our products are laboratory precise, each batch and product is exceptional and contains the essence of that particular flower strain and season. It also includes the heart of our company, Tri-Star Medical.

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