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All Tri-Star hemp products are exclusively in-house. We handle every aspect of production from when our seeds and clones are in the ground to cultivation. Our facilities grow high-quality hemp flower that is non-GMO, pesticide-free, and organic. Our experienced growers extract, then formulate, bottle, and package our products. You can have confidence that Tri-Star products are top quality because we are there for every step in the process, from seed to shelf.

Trustworthy and successful organizations vet Tri-Star. We’ve had the privilege to provide top-shelf cannabis to high-end dispensaries such as the Green Goddess in Venice Beach, CA. A significant university uses our medical-grade flower in Tennessee for botanical medical research. We’ve cultivated over 100,000 square feet of indoor cannabis and 300+ acres of outdoor crops in the past ten years.

Our tinctures, skin-care, and extract-infused products are tested four times to ensure purity and potency. One test isn’t enough, which is why all Tri-Star hemp products receive an independent laboratory analysis at every critical stage of processing. When compared to lab reports for other products on the market, our commitment to excellence makes a difference. See it for yourself.

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