420 Wake n Bake Letter

420: A Hazy History

April 20th has become a well-celebrated holiday amongst the cannabis community. Not everyone knows the origin story of the date or, better yet, the time. Now a calling card amongst cannabis fans, “420” began as a code a group of friends used to signal that it was time to enjoy some THC. While there are a few theories about how this time came to be, the consensus circles back to a group of California teenagers.

In 1971, five friends referring to themselves as “waldos” used to gather at a wall outside the school to hang out at 4:20 pm ritualistically. The Waldos quickly coined “420” to signal when the crew needed to get together to partake. This quickly turned into a night of shenanigans. Including adventures, treasure hunts, and safaris through a local cannabis crop. The Waldos certainly didn’t know it at the time, but they were the beginning of an urban legend.

Some 20 years later, 420 has transcended the afternoon toke. Working its way into the road crew for the ultimate jam band, The Grateful Dead. One of the original Waldos became a roadie for the band’s bassist, Phil Lesh. Phil helped popularize the term. In 1990, a group of Deadheads in California even created invitations to smoke ”420” on 4/20 at 4:20 pm. A year later, the flier was publicly printed. Thus, a holiday was born.

So how are you celebrating?

Well, The Holistic Connection is undoubtedly the place to be. With food trucks at several locations, a line of premium state and federally legal THC products. Featuring a high-quality line of edibles, concentrates, cannabis beverages, pet CBD snacks, fresh cannabis herb, CBD capsules, and skincare products. We also will have a freshly pressed cannabis toast on the house at 4:20 pm; our stores are stoked to honor the Waldos the best way we know-how.

Specials also include a “Spend $420, Get $420” in-store promotion and 20% off all products online.

Come find a friend at one of our 9 dab bar locations, or join your community from the comfort of your home. Either way, Craft Cannabis and The Holistic Connection are here to provide fun and safe consumption while working towards destigmatizing cannabis culture in the mainstream eyes. It’s time to shed “420” of any negative connotation and enjoy legal cannabis for all of the recreational and medicinal benefits it has to offer!



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