THC Mocktails

Drinks at the Dab Bar – the inside scoop on our Cannabis Mocktails

Since when did mocktails get cool? It seemed like mocktails were, so the DD didn’t feel left out for the longest time, but that isn’t the case anymore. 

In recent years, we have seen significant decreases in binge drinking amongst the younger millennials, especially Gen Z. With the pressure to be more health-conscious. With the availability of alternative legal substances like cannabis and the overall budget constraints of the up and coming generations. Alcohol is no longer the only game in town. We have even seen the emergence of “dry bars” boasting full menus of nonalcoholic concoctions. Even concerts, festivals, and other events are prohibiting alcohol altogether.

While we all love a good sparkling grape juice, what about those of us who still want to elevate the experience? 

Enter Craft Cannabis™. Our wide variety of hemp-derived THC-infused cannabis beverages are the perfect way to up your mocktail game. Whether it’s a lemon juice shot paired with sparkling CBD soda or an ice-cold Cannabis Cooler as a summer sip. These beverages offer a healthier alternative to alcohol while still delivering the fun! 

Because these products are all state and federally legal, consumers no longer need to worry about what is the more accessible, cheaper, or more readily available option. You can now pop into a Holistic Connection store and have a THC mocktail served to you along with your dab. Even grab a few cannabis juice shots, jello shots, or a variety pack of our Cannabis Coolers to go.

Whether it’s party, pain relief, or pain-relief-from-the-party, we’ve got you covered in all things canna-beverage.

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