The Holistic Connection – The cat’s out of the bag about the benefits associated with cannabidiol (CBD) for humans, but did you know CBD can have the same positive effects on pets? CBD products can be beneficial to any living thing with an endocannabinoid system (ECS), which has recently been discovered in all mammals. The ECS is made up of different cells and receptors that are activated by CBD and are responsible for the relief and benefits associated with it.

A common misconception and reason why many pet owners have not tried CBD for their animals is because they think THC is bad for them. While we carry pet brands with and without traces of THC, we do want pet owners to understand that THC, in the small traces that can be found in legal CBD products, is safe for pets and can actually be more beneficial than CBD isolate on its own. CBD and THC work together in a process called the “entourage effect,” that can enhance medicinal benefits for issues including cancer pain, nerve pain, and advanced arthritis.

Although it’s believed cats and dogs experience similar benefits to humans, it’s important to understand the unique dosing guidelines for pets. The suggested dose for pets varies anywhere between 0.5-5 mg per 10 pounds of body weight, up to twice daily.

Holistic Veterinary Care doctor, Gary Richter, DVM, advises starting your cat or dog with a low dose. Because our pets can’t talk back and tell us how they’re feeling, it’s our job to monitor drowsiness and other visible side effect to determine dosage. Possible side effects can include abnormal drowsiness, dry mouth or lowered blood pressure. For more information about uses and dosage, be sure to consult your veterinarian.

CBD has been linked to the management of some of the most common and debilitating problems we see in cats and dogs today, including:

• Joint Pain & Inflammation: With age comes aging, and for our four-legged friends that means the onset of joint pain and inflammation. With new research on the topic, there is evidence to support CBD can help to reduce pain and inflammation in animals after only a few doses. Common prescription drugs and over-the-counter (OTC) medications have been linked to numerous negative side effects. CBD is a natural remedy that creates a homeostasis in bodily systems, which works to relieve pain and inflammation.

• Anxiety & Stress: Although more often seen in dogs than cats, separation and noise anxiety are common problems and can be taxing on pets as well as pet owners. CBD works within the ECS system to soothe and balance your animal’s body functions without any potentially intoxicating effects, and it is a great alternative to traditional pharmaceuticals often prescribed to pets with anxiety.

If you’re considering CBD for your cat or dog check out the brands we trust and carry:

  • Tri-Star Medical Premium CBD: We carry 200 mg (small pet) and 400 mg (large pet), full spectrum tinctures with a superior formulation that can alleviate pain and aches by producing the entourage effect. Each tincture begins with a base of organic MCT oil, which is then infused with full-spectrum CBD extract along with a pet-approved proprietary terpene blend.  That’s it! They don’t use unnecessary artificial or “natural” flavorings.

  • Creating Better Days Wildlife CBD: We carry THC-free tinctures made with wild Alaskan salmon oil, probiotics, vitamin D3, vitamin E and nano CBD. Nano technology allows compounds like CBD to be safely broken down into smaller particles that provide higher bioavailability and therapeutic effects. We also carry nano organic, wheat and grain free cat and dog treats, as well as an oral spray.

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