Your skin is your body’s largest organ. Often overlooked and ignored, skin care is important for your overall health and appearance. Any given bottle of body lotion you’ll find at one of those big-box stores is chock-full of chemicals and parabens that are harsh on the skin and can leave damaging effects long after you’ve washed off the product. Come by and visit our Nashville Store today.

The Holistic Connection’s online store is dedicated to sourcing all-natural and organic skin care products from local vendors across the Southeast. Here are a few of the trusted brands we carry in-store:

Sana Botanicals

Founded by a Gulf War veteran injured in service to his country, Sana is renowned for producing a complete line of hemp products infused with essential oils to maximize the desired benefits. Our U.S. grown hemp is refined and expertly blended with organic essential oils in the Blue Ridge mountains of Tennessee. Our natural production processes help ensure premium quality through traceability from seed to sale. Some of the most potent, pure and powerful natural Hemp extracts on the market today, they can relax, calm, and ease pain. Above all, they are formulated to soothe the mind and body…naturally.

L.i.V.E. by A.Jenné

L.i.V.E. products are handcrafted from all-natural organic ingredients. The benefits of organic all-natural products are multifaceted. For example, our products neither chemically altered nor synthetic ingredients, they are pesticide free & are abundantly beneficial for mind, body & spirit.

Tri-Star Medical

A vertically integrated hemp company based out of middle Tennessee with a passion for purity in consumer products. Experience in sustainable hemp farming, personal pursuit of wellness and desire to provide pure and simple hemp-derived products came together to form Tri-Star Medical.

Tri-Star Medical offers a seed-to-shelf guarantee, meaning from the time seeds are planted until they are harvested, refined and finally packaged, they oversee quality control of every product.

Moon Juice

Intense weather, UV rays and pollutants cause oxidative stress, damaging our skin’s natural barrier, and causing accelerated aging. Moon Juice created clean fundamentals to combat environmental harm and intensely hydrate for healthier, more resilient skin.

Moon Juice combines plant medicine plus science and common sense for practical and preventative ways to unstress and nourish your beauty and wellbeing.

If you can’t pronounce all of the ingredients in your moisturizer, toss it and come find an all-natural replacement. We have so many amazing brands and products on our shelves, swing by today and find what works for YOU and your skincare routine.

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