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Shop Online for Premium Cannabis Flower by Tri-Star Medical. Locally grown indoor hemp flower for cannabis connoisseurs. Choose from top-shelf indoor hemp flower or hemp pre-rolls. Independently lab-tested with the best technology.

The Holistic Connection is a genuine seed-to-shelf company. With the indoor operations in Nashville, Tn, we grow the best top-shelf cannabis strains. We can control light, humidity, Co2 levels, and other environmental factors. Each cannabis strain is specifically curated in its primmest conditions for the flower’s environment. With these ideal conditions and the use of non-GMO seeds, we can grow, harvest, and produce the highest quality of Sativa, Indica, and hybrid strains.

We rigorously test our hemp products for quality from harvest until we finally seal the packaging. So all your edibles, flower, pre-rolls, skincare, extracts, and oils are of the highest quality on the market. In addition to basic testing and approval from the TN Department of Agriculture, we independently test each batch of flower for purity and a detailed report of constituents. Lab reports on all products are available by request.

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