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  • Premium Full-Spectrum CBD Tincture – 1,200mg

  • Premium Full-Spectrum CBD Tincture – 600mg

  • Premium CBD Tincture for Small Pets – 200mg

  • Premium CBD Tincture for Large Pets – 400mg

  • Premium THC-Free Broad Spectrum CBD Tincture – 2,000mg

  • Premium THC-Free Broad Spectrum CBD Tincture – 1,000mg

  • Premium Full-Spectrum CBD Tincture – 2,400mg

  • Premium THC-FREE Broad Spectrum CBD Tincture – 500mg


Tri-Star is Pure CBD tinctures extracted and formulated with full-spectrum CBD and a terpene blend. Use as a daily supplement to soothe everyday aches and pains. Start your CBD tincture journey with our certified-organic, full-spectrum hemp-derived CBD extract. 

The 100% THC-free Premium Broad Spectrum CBD Tinctures is another pure product we feature, which begins with a base of organic MCT oil. Then we follow with infusing 500mg of our refined CBD isolate and our proprietary terpene blend. This process imparts unique and delicious citrus and earthy flavor. In conclusion, we use a premium base oil and the purest oils from our hemp! Our team never uses unnecessary artificial or “natural” flavorings.

Tri-Star Medical full-spectrum & broad-spectrum CBD extracts come exclusively from locally grown hemp flower. No imported products. No stems or trimmings. Each batch and product is unique and contains the essence of that particular strain and season. It also includes the nature of our company, Tri-Star Medical. We are a passionate group of people dedicated to providing the best and safest products we possibly can.