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Don’t worry, it’s not marijuana — it’s hemp! There’s a lot of confusion around the difference between hemp and marijuana. Think of it as decaf coffee versus regular coffee. If cannabis is the word ‘coffee,’ then the word ‘marijuana’ is caffeinated, and the word ‘hemp’ is decaffeinated. If I had a cup of caffeinated and decaf coffee in front of you, then you’d see they’re both black, they’re both hot and they both probably taste about the same. But if you drank the ‘caffeinated’ one, 10 minutes later you’re going to feel something. And if you drank the ‘decaffeinated’ one, you’re not.

CBD is derived from hemp. One of the reasons we love hemp flower is because it really embodies one of our guiding principles: “nature gives you what you need.” Entirely unaltered hemp flower can easily be consumed through smoking.

In its purest form, smoking hemp flower is a wonderful way to experience the full-spectrum benefits of CBD — unfortunately, most flower on the market today is categorized as “industrial hemp” — meaning it only has to be tested for THC — no pesticide, mold or heavy metal testing required. Nothing about the word “industrial” sounds healthy or clean. Industrial is a term used to describe high volume industry, solely centered around producing products. Our hemp is exactly the opposite. We go above the industry standard to produce the highest quality, freshest flower in Tennessee, if not the entire Southeast. Our goal is to provide the highest quality flower available, in as pure a form as possible – no additives or chemicals included. Our indoor grow production ensures no outside chemicals, pesticides or mold — and allows us to harvest hemp frequently to provide you with the freshest product possible.

We understand a jar of hemp flower may be intimidating for folks coming into the shop looking for a more traditional healthcare supplement in the form of capsules or oil, but hemp flower is a wonderful option to receive the full effects of CBD. We offer premium hemp flower pre-rolls, similar to a cigar, as an easy method for smoking. We also have expert staff available at the shop to walk you through vessel options if you’d prefer to purchase a jar of hemp flower.

Benefits of smoking hemp flower:

  • Fastest form of delivery: you’ll feel the therapeutic effects of CBD almost instantly, as this is the quickest way for CBD to enter your bloodstream.
  • Natural: when consuming hemp flower, you’re enjoying CBD exactly how you’d find it in nature. Our pre-roll offerings use organic, dye-free rolling paper as an all-natural and convenient option for smoking.
  • Non-toxic: although ‘smoking’ anything may sound a little scary, hemp flower is non-toxic, meaning it does not contain any chemicals, like nicotine or tar found in cigarettes.

CBD products come in all sorts of forms — gummies, bath bombs and oil are just a few of our offerings — and while we love how creative the industry is getting with new options for CBD consumption, we have a soft spot for CBD in its most natural form of hemp flower. If you’ve never considered it, try it out. Stop by the shop and we’ll discuss different strains and find the best flower option for you. 

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