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Grab A Dab Pen: Everything You Need to Know About THC Wax:

Five years ago, they might have laughed if you told cannabis connoisseurs they wouldn’t need a torch and quartz banger to take a dab of THC wax. The fact is, dabbing used to be more labor-intensive. It felt unapproachable to those who didn’t have the proper tools and materials.

Flash forward to today, where you can find various rigs compatible with cartridges, waxes, or both. Not only that, these devices are cordless, electronic, designed for personal or group use, and flameless. 

We have entered a new era in dabbing in which we are not just achieving the “high” feeling from THC. We are genuinely elevating our cannabis experience as a whole. 

A dab or wax itself is a small amount of cannabis extract with high THC potency levels.

At Craft Cannabis™, we grow and extract all of our hemp flower. Giving customers freshly pressed cannabis combined with our house terpene blends. These blends provide flavoring and help target specific effects like energizing or relaxing feelings. 

While this sounds like a great way to consume, we understand that it can be intimidating to grab a gram and go. So let’s break down some devices and dabble in dabbing!

Lookah is an excellent brand that makes several versions of devices compatible with both waxes and cartridges. The Seahorse Pro is a smaller device targeted towards personal use. The end attachment can be quartz or ceramic tip. Which, when heated and lightly touched to wax, will begin vaporization/dabbing. If you opt to unscrew that tip and insert a cartridge, dabbers can pull off the glass mouthpiece end or the cartridge mouthpiece. Pocket-sized and versatile, this tool is an excellent intro to dabbing. Especially since we offer discounts to purchase wax/cartridges in-store at The Holistic Connection! These pens are rechargeable, come with a light indicator & use instructions, and have a manufacturer’s warranty.

Alternatively, if you want to share your dabs, cartridges, or create your own blends, the PS1 is an excellent bubbler option. This device is compatible with two cartridges, wax wells, or any combination. It even includes a dummy port! You can use a single cartridge, wax well, or any mix and match in between.

Some of the many added benefits of having dual ports are that you can create your own hybrids of strains, whether that be sativa/indica, for flavor, or even to mix your THCs (delta-9 & THC-O blend anyone?). Beyond the strain experimentation, the bubbler creates a water cooling system for the heated vapor, leaving you with a clean-tasting puff.

At the end of the day, there are people who will always prefer a preroll, but if you’re looking to move away from flower, whether that be due to scent, health reasons, or simply preference, dabbing and vaporizing is a great alternative. Who knows, a little dab might do ya!


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