Who Put The “O” In THC?

If you’ve been to one of The Holistic Connection stores recently, you’ve probably heard one of our budtenders talking about THC-O or HHC-O. What are these new forms of THC, and how will they enhance your experience?

Let’s start with THC-O.

The properties of synthesizing THC are similar in Delta-8 and THC-O. The potency increase gives this extract a strong head-high with a clean finish. Maintaining our house terpene blends, all of your favorite flavors and effects are still present, if not more robust!

So why choose THC-O over Delta-8, or Delta-9 for that matter?

If you find yourself looking for a more potent product that provides an energetic buzz, this may be the answer. Especially with recent scrutiny of Delta-8 (check out our delta-8 ban blog for more information). Finding alternate forms of THC that are legal, lab tested and produced by reputable sources such as Craft Cannabis, is of the utmost importance until legalization comes to Tennessee.

If you’re looking for an update on delta-8 products, the good news is that the bill was amended and then failed altogether when voted on in the state senate hearing. However, The Holistic Connection dab bars will continue to test for quality control, only allow sales to 21+ customers, and uphold state and federal regulations.

Next up: HHC-O!

Hexahydrocannabinol is one of the many cannabinoids present in hemp, with its benefits and uses. While HHC-O is newer in the hemp industry, HHC was initially discovered decades ago. The hydrogenation process recently allowed HHC-O to be commercially synthesized and available for purchase by cannabis consumers.

Like Delta-9 and THC-O, HHC-O affects the CB1 cannabinoid receptors. Some people even believe that pure HHC-O can evade drug testing. People believe this because the common element tested for is 11-hydroxyl THC.

HHC does not convert to this metabolite, but if you are ingesting a blend or mixing with full-spectrum cannabis, other forms of THC could be present. We don’t guarantee this extract will yield a clean screening. We look forward to further research and testing, providing more factual data. Both HHC-O and THC-O are legal even in states where marijuana is not legal medically or recreationally, making it accessible to all cannabis fans.

The key ingredient in both of these forms of cannabis is the addition of acetic anhydride. The increase in potency is significant by delivering the acetate form of these cannabinoids.

Are you interested in learning more or experimenting with these new products? Visit your local Holistic Connection dab bar and chat with our budtenders to experience all of the benefits we offer.

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